Love - everywhere, everywhere - Love. I love you, people.

 Dedicated to the memory of the first people - Adam and Eve.

The end? No, only the beginning...

 « Heavy fetters will fall, and dungeons will collapse, and freedom will welcome you joyously

at the ENTRANCE... »






One, who strives to see and feel the love of God, can direct their attention to something that they always had but did not notice before amidst the daily concerns. Can you not recall now some happy events from your life or a door that opened just in time when you needed it?

Love and happiness are free by nature. Therefore, a person living in the environment of free love and happiness is free. In turn, the world for this person who lives with love for God is free.

Through reciprocity you nurture requited love thus submerging in eternity.

If you as an individual give yourself fully to this love as if submerging in it fully, then your «I» becomes free from any spatial and temporal restrictions. Your «I» becomes a part of the big undivided that we call God. As He is love, into the current of which you pour yourself through your love. It is as in a family where love between parents and children always prevails. The happiness that you find with this love is as eternal as paradise.

Love is a very individual and private feeling and only you decide how to apply it. The most important is that you are sincere in your thoughts and actions.

The path that you therefore take is the most pure and natural one; as pure and natural is the love of a child to their parent.



God and Man, joy and tears, love and joy, peace and war, truth and lie, white and black, white light and … .

There is no black light, is there?

But there is a multitude of colors and shades constituting in sum the white light of the entire world around.



One bullet only – and there is no man. Especially for that, someone has been creating this bullet, manufacturing, storing, loading it; and shooting into the murdered. And someone else has conceived the idea and instructed and gave money for it. What motivated those accomplices?



Once in Russia there was an incident. Members of a sect, as the media called them, learned that in six months there would be the end of the world. They learned this and hid themselves underground.

First they hid themselves; then others began to urge them to come out. The former refused.

They learned themselves and hid themselves. And others? They are being cared for, urged; even tear-gas usage was contemplated.

And those? By themselves learned and by themselves hid; and that was the end.

And in six months, how did they plan to live?



Numerous religions exist in this world but even more numerous are the religious conflicts and even wars.

In appears then that something in them that separates people on their path to one God.

And, with that, each considers itself to be right. In seems as if there existed many truths … .

In this case, let me then call your attention to one more truth about God and some related to Him motions.


Unity of the world 

One is God who created and sustains in continuous equilibrium our world. One for all, regardless of the path that lead them to Him. All paths that lead to this goal are inevitably related to each other no matter what they are called and in what language; and which concepts they are paved with.

Some establish their own religious teaching, make their own paths to this great goal opening new individual ways to their followers. Individual and therefore separate, often times opposed to the level of antagonism, to armed resistances in some cases, to fanatical mass deaths.

And only the one who walked at least several of these paths, not stopping on any particular one, has learned the signs and the rewards, the second coming of Christ, the opening of heavens; only the one who is recognized by God can with grounds say that some people flounder in religious intolerance and hatred, in poisoned lives and mass murders because they see enemies in travelers of other paths leading to God. This human foolishness has nothing to do with the true and pure feeling.

Some recognize different paths that lead to god and are recognized by Him on these paths as God is one and indivisible in his faith that encompasses individual currents as roots of the same tree. As God is one for ll his followers, for all religious calendars and holidays accompanied with wishes of good fortune and love. You are all brothers in faith, virtually unified, and thus do not quarrel and be happyl



A word like this in a discussion of serious matters? Yes! Precisely tenderness is one of the keys to understanding God's treatment of us, people.

God's tender treatment of any our new move carries the meaning of His treatment of us, simple earthy people. From this stems his tender, gentle attitude towards everything that we, simple earthy people, do in the world. This is exactly how you would treat your loved ones and your children because of your high feeling of love; wishing utmost good to your child and to all of us but with tenderness and unobtrusively. Tenderness, as you may agree, cannot be thrust on someone as it is the feeling of the loving part and not necessarily the loved one. Tenderness is the highest manifestation of love.

I, simple earthy person, am writing these lines; and am filled with tenderness towards You. This is a letter of love. Forever. Forgive me God for that I did not understand from the beginning; that love and... tenderness. I love You!


Plain truth

How many were there; in different times, from different nations, different by origin and life paths walked. And due to the times and knowledge they were able to advance in learning ahead of the contemporaries. They also contributed to human delusions. However. they should be judged by the good deeds.

What has become obsolete and does not correspond to the truth is cast away by life, and has largely moved away by itself; the rest can be peeled like an onion in order to live today in peace and equilibrium of the ubiquitous prosperity. With respect to all those due to whom this day has come - to our ancestors and to God.


On Human Delusions 

God is love and light. God created this world and you in it primordially lucid, loved by God, and free. As a result of free human activity the natural world becomes supplemented with artificial and created by people formations in both physical and spiritual realms.

Supporting the freedom of human activity, God also supports its results; if a person chooses and believes in they also allow it.

If a person allows to be taken possession of, they loose the freedom granted by God. If, for example, some religious system with its theories, and regulations, takes possession of a person, then there appears an artificial formation on the natural path of this person to God. Akin to a dam built on a river, this formation can good and can bring harm.

One of many possible examples: if there is a concept of clean and unclean being introduced, then a part is taken away from the created by God lucid world in favor of some dark, created not by God forces. With this a separating wall is raised between man and God. You are told that until you are clean, God may not even hear you.

Where did this concept come from and why? A child is primordially clean. When and why then there appears something unclean in this child? It is after the child learns from others about some artificial limitations on the freedom of his or her own actions. It is when the child is persuaded and attests to being unclean. This means that any system that introduces a concept of uncleanness in a person takes away the very cleanness given to this person primordially by God. Such system, first and foremost, breaks the natural connection between God and man who was persuaded that he is unclean and therefore not worthy having the connection with God. God supports free choice, namely, a choice of considering yourself unclean and, stemming from this as a result and in accordance with the free human will, an artificial formation in the spiritual realm. Therefore, any religious system depriving a person of their primordial cleanness, introduces into their primordially clean spiritual realm this, created by the system, artificial formation. This formation comes into existence and exists only because the mislead person agrees to it.

Therefore, based on such delusion, this unclean and artificial formation which also holds other forces is no more than a deception. Actually, none of this exists except for the instilled into you thoughts of it being in existence. Do not believe in anything except for God and his love to you; nothing else will then touch upon you in this world. The guarantee to it is the will of God that supports your choice. The choice of how to act in a situation is your will and no one else’s.

God does not need to take away the freedom he himself has granted the more so as deceive you. Where something is being taken away or someone is being deceived, there is no God. Where they want to weaken your will by, for example, persuading you of your uncleanness, and thus trample your resistance to someone else’s will that, first and foremost, attempts to turn you into a slave – this comes not from God but from man. Not the guaranteeing and keeping the freedom of your choice God establishes rules of your religious conduct, demands from you promises and consents; forces you to submit yourself to something or someone, perform rituals; it is not he who thrusts all sorts of superstitions on you. It is not God who tempts you with paradise in return for murder – do not believe it.


How is it possible?


You probably have this question: how is it that so many sacred texts seem to not be entirely right?

We begin to read the first book of the Bible (Russian edition) called the Genesis. God has created the world and you in the world in six days; then sanctified the seventh day «as in that day he rested from all His work». Apart from you, «thus are completed the heaved and earth and all their army». Pay attention – army, not just population. Army belongs to war, does it not?

From this moment on, the Bible becomes the book about war; is that the case?

Let us note that in the Torah where the book of Genesis is called the book of Breishit? In the Russian translation this same phrase reads: «And completed were heaven and earth and all their host». That is, the Torah does not introduce yet any specific concept of war or warlike in this phrase but limits itself to a more general term of «host». In the English translation, this phrase from the same part of the Bible looks differently: «… and everything in them were completed». What caused such variance in the translation of mentalities, predisposition?

The given example illustrates the degree of possible variance in perceptions and in the further conveyance of the meaning of the primary sacred text by different people in different times.

Let us continue. God created man and gave him as home the Garden of Eden with one primary condition that man could not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil as «the day you eat from it you will die».

In this case, it sense of course, but after that moment can loose it if they believe and accept the condition.

A person not familiar with any religion and not having read the written above, as it seems, has the eternal life from the beginning and up until the moment they believe otherwise. The written above is the first event that is the Bible – when a person can loose what is originally granted by God. Why would God who created everything for the man as well as the man, need this? Should we continue to read the text that likely leads to the loss of the primary gift of God to you – the eternal life?

As you may see, there already appear the first questions and probably the first doubts. In any case, you begin to think of the things that before you may not have remembered. For example, about the eternal life. And the more you try to forget the written and return to the state of non-awareness, the more you will shift from the original position; the stronger the fears and doubts will become, the more convincing power the read text will have on you.

However, nothing has yet occurred. You have only read a small passage of the text that earlier may have not provoked so many thoughts in you. In this lies the distinction of the Bible text – it is in the multitude of its variances; in the multi-layeredness of its meaning.

Nothing has occurred yet … .

You can, and with no consequences for yourself from the read, close the Bible forever.

But if you want to continue, you need to first and foremost realize what it is that urges you to do so. What are the reasons for your desire to enter, as it appears, the path of war (in the Russian edition, for example) and losses as you may see from the beginning? Because, if you strongly and sincerely believe in God who gave you everything and forever, believe in His love to you and to all created by Him – what else can you need? Pay attention, this is not. He who threatens you with death but warns that so may happen beyond His will: «… and you will die». From this follows that God tries to do best for people and warns about possible dangers but the freedom of choice as always belongs to a person.

If you want to continue relations with the Bible then you must understand that it may lead to various results; as may vary your goals when making a decision to continue relations with the Bible text.

Continuing to contemplate the read, you advance closer toward relations with God through the increasingly deep understanding of the text. And finally there may come a moment when you see that the text discusses a ritual.

The ritual, as it follows from the text, consists of performing spiritual operations on you by God.

It is in you that God creates in the beginning heaven and earth, separates light, called white light, from the darkness during the first day of the ritual.

During the second day of the ritual, God creates in you the firmament that separates water and is called heavens.

On the third, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth day of the ritual, God continues to create in you the entire world - your world, spiritually, of course.

On the seventh day God blesses and sanctifies, and with that blesses and sanctifies all in him and you as well.

The meaning of this ritual lies in the following: if for some reason you do not have sufficient faith and confidence in your spiritual future but would like to receive guidance from God, this ritual can strengthen and restructure you inside in God's own image.

Question: why then a person was not like this from the very beginning? Or was but has already ceased to believe in it; and because of that ceased to be such. This text is true to the creation of the world in general - for God, as you may see, there are no limitations in either the great or the small. And how did it all take place between God and people before writing appeared and the text of the Bible?

In this case, the offered to you from the very first pages of the Bible, ritual is the consequence of your very own shift from the primary and given to your by God from your birth, positions. Your freedom given to you by God from the beginning, in future is suggested to be encroached upon by limitation of not learning the evil and the good. Something will be created in you, separated, and so forth; are you prepared for that? And,

mainly, why do you need this? Search of God? But from the beginning in you «... the Holy Spirit soared above the water».

The ritual can be carried out by you. If you decide and feel sufficient spiritual strength, you can turn to God with a preliminary prayer and then read each of the following days a passage of the text that corresponds to a particular day, living through it yourself and praying.

The seventh day you can free from all other activities and fest for the glory of God and with prayers.

After receiving from God the blessing and sanctification, you can be holy and immortal.

All, however, will fall into place; and God will achieve his goal.


The Chinese classic, the Book of Changes

The Book of Changes is a diary of a person throughout life changes; changes in the world perception throughout learning of the true world and of oneself in it. Diary of a person searching for light, harmony, joy, and happiness.

Judging by the ending of the text, the author was close to the goal. However, with this, mind you, he did not cease to fight with the «land of demons».

Why did he continue to drag behind his own (or fostered by someone in him earlier) delusions? He did not reject them, nor did he cease to perceive them as real; and that is why the ending of the book is so uncertain. More likely, it contains an indication of the beginning to stray from the achieved. Where is the one he associates himself with?

If you say what you intend, do what you intend, then the key role belongs to your perception of whether the world is clean to you or not. This is the essence of the Book of Changes, having understood which one can render the support of the previously achieved experience of exploring it. And therefore make probably the last steps in cognizing the world and, most importantly, oneself.

However, can the world and you be flawless if you let into your perceptions the disagreeable to God filth, thus making the world for yourself limited; why?

In the Book of Changes there is the «I», God, and «demons» (or the devil, for example, in other religions). This means that there were cases when the discourse occurred between not «I» of the man and God but between «I» and its own fruit of self-instilled delusion, - «devil» or «demons».

In medical terms, in person's brain by that time there appeared two extremely strong dominantas*), one

*) Temporary dominating center of excitement in the central nervous system; capable of causing a slowing effect on other regions of the system. The concept of dominanta was introduced by a physiologist A. A. Ukhtomsky in 1923.

related to God and another - the source of «demonized» information, generated by this dominanta on its own and with the connivance of the person, who took the resulting hallucinations for reality.

The Book of Changes is also a drary of interactions between man and God. Beginning with «yes» and «no» in the shape of solid and broken lines - the simplest, similar to the Morse code, or the binary computer language, if you wish, answers of God to the questions of man.

Then follow separate key words after which come curt phrases that define the essence of the presently happening and the forthcoming.

If a person feels and embraces it from within, then there will follow a smooth and unbroken inner discourse between God and self. And so forth to the complete union of self and God in pure love.

Even the first acquaintance with the content of this book left in me the impression of an already completed before stage. Curt phrases for various instances of life reminded me of my own, some people would know this, texts that were mystical in pattern but for me at the time of their birth were concrete in meaning precisely in that moment when I, now in the past, lived.

To attempt understanding in detail and even more so to apply them to oneself can only a person who finds themselves in the same spiritual state at that time; and in a particular temporal sequence of events. This is akin to a numbered lotto, you need not only when reading a given passage of the text to name a specific number but in all other and rather numerous cases to coincide in your decisions with the author of the book. And with precise observance of the sequence of those decisions. As for the probability of such coincidence - you can judge yourself. It is like looking for your twin, not only physically but also in all small details of life.

And that is why one who attempts with deep exploration of the Book of Changes to step on the same level with its author is destined to fail. It is equal to attempting to live the same life as he, among the same (or those very same?) people who surrounded him. Is it not too much that has to coincide for the achievement of this goal?

God responds to desires and aspirations of a person. And if a person strives by means of complicated and mathematical or some other artificial method to build their spiritual life, then God helps them with this as well; as everything in the world is directly related. Different signs, including numbers give people clues in times when they need them. However, - to the right person and in the right situation.

Imagine for a minute that you intend by using some mathematical method or other strict, from human perceptive, relation to describe even a small period of your life; what will you achieve? And if we take selfless, unbiased and all encompassing love? What numbers and algorithms, even modern computers, can encompass it, every time inimitable, each time unique throughout the entire existence of the world?

Love. And uninspiring rules, six or sixty four building bricks. Is there love in the game of chess? Or in a financial report? There may be echoes of it, its certain manifestations but nothing more. And how by an archive of games played by chess champion can one experience his feeling of love to the Creator?


The Second Coming of Christ 

The first coming of Jesus Christ into the world is described in the New Testament. It is also there that we find an indication of his second coming that people are waiting for. Often we hear prophesies of the soon occurrence of the second coming of Christ that excite the minds of people in the world.

The second coming of Christ occurs individually with people who have achieved, in their search of God, a certain level of suggestion within the framework of preparation of the path to God and in accordance with the Christian teaching.

This event represents the beginning of sensing an inner auditory contact with the voice of Christ who with this seemingly participates in your daily life as guide and teacher; as well as sensing the touch of his body.

The anticipated second coming of Christ to everyone will not occur; as for the living people who have already individually lived through his second coming, this coming would then become the third which contradicts the religious teaching.

The Opening of Heavens 

On Jewish New Year, the Jews have an opportunity to experience a particular influx of cerebral energy; and a manifestation of the contact with the divine power. This state smoothly begins on New Year's Eve and, according to Jewish calendar, lasts for approximately a week.

This state is also available to the Christians, introduced to God and in accordance with the true meaning of the text to Jews of the teaching of Christ, and let into the Old Testament, which confirms that God recognizes them as Jews.

Life in Jerusalem 

Jerusalem attracts the hearts and the minds of the believers. Many aspire to visit it for religious reasons.

However, one should bear in mind that the described future of Jerusalem and the entire Holy Land has a spiritual meaning that comes to reality for different people in different times regardless of their location.



«Now the voice that I heard from heaven spoke to me again and said, «Go, take scroll that lies open in the of the angel who is standing on the sea and the land.»

So I went to the angel and asked him to give me the little scroll. He said to me, «Take and eat it; it will be bitter in your stomach, but it will be as sweet as honey in your mouth.» (Rv. 10? 9).

« Our Father in heaven, Your name be honored as holy. Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us today our daily bread. And forgive us our debts, as we also forgiven our debtors. And do not bring us into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one. For Yours in the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen. » ( Mt. 6, 9-13).

 You guys wanted it, so I did it.


Dawn that is...

And in the Koran there is also.

There is the sura 113 in the Koran. Reading carefully and with knowledge of all the above said. The key is love of God to us, mankind.

«Say: I seek refuge in the Lord of the dawn». Let us think. From the perspective of the hand being extended to us for help from God, not Lord but God, not master; not directed to a servant are these words but simply from pure love. God is love. And light; of knowledge, in this case.

Dawn that is. It appears that before the words written here there was night among those believing in the Koran; let us say in God - first, first and foremost I emphasize, was there not?

That is dawn - we come to the dawn or, rather, the dawn comes to us. Let us all together with me come out and meet it. I love you.

We read further: «From the evil of what he has created,»

Is it that love of God to us, mankind, could create any evil at all? And, for some reason, in the translation of the Koran that I have, the word «he» begins with a lower case letter. That is, this word does not pertain to God as it appears. Then there remains Mohammed; since he is the one to have written the Koran. That is, for the absence of others, «he» is Mohammed.

Further according to the text: «And from the evil of the utterly dark night when it comes,»

It turns, Mohammed is of the utterly dark night when it comes in the Koran, the dark

night that had created evil; this follows from the reading.

«And from the evil of those who blow on knots,» - again about the evil; we leave it on the consciousness of the one who wrote these words.

«And from the evil of the envious when he envies!» - could God ever be the envious? It appears that the envious is that «he» who wrote the words, does it not?

Reread the «Dawn» again and you will be convinced that, as always, writings had one

meaning but God had brought out the truth because He is God.

Let us continue reading the Koran from this perspective.

Sura 114 «Mankind»:

«Say: I seek refuge in the Lord of men». See the above words about the Lord. God loves and helps us go further; pay attention, it is further, as in having left behind the past that belongs to the night, having left the delusions behind. If reading this text word for word, as I know, it is that man runs to God as if being chased.

Further: «The king of men,» - again «king» begins with the lower case letter, does it not? And why does the father need to be the king among his children?

«The God of men» - yes.

«From the evil of the whisperings of the slinking,» - yes. And you know the slinking - Mohammed that is.

«Who whispers into the hearts of men,» - those who continue to read in the Koran the words written before sura 113.

«From among the jinn and the men!» - those, it follows, who Mohammed attempted to create in the Koran.

Sura 27, 1: "Those are the signs of the Koran and the perspicuous Book; a guidance and glad tidings to the believers. . . " Sura 27 , 77 : "And there is no secret thing in the heaven or the earth, save that it is in the perspicuous Book."


Pay attention, the people of Israel, that you would like to live according to the word conveyed by Moses, do you not?

But this is what in the end is said about Moses in the Devarim's 33-34 brakha:

«And Moses, the servant of the Lord, died there, in the land of Moab, by the mouth of the Lord.»

And died those in you, having read and accepted this, those servants, having walked by Torah with Moshe, as that Moshe, - together with him, by the mouth of the Lord. Dead also are the servant laws which he wrote from the created Sabaoth. God is Love.

Passed the time that is the end of time. It is time to love and be loved.

«No one has the courage to support me against them except Michael, your prince. However, I will tell you what is recorded in the book of truth.» (Dn. 10, 21).


The world is pristine and free; do not enslave yourselves anymore.

Love. And freedom. Forever.


The rest are only religious speculations that distort perception of reality.



We cross many boundaries in life. Now it appears that you are crossing another one. If a person acts one way or another in accordance with their voluntary delusions, from not knowing, then it is forgivable. If a person deliberately goes against the truth, against their integrity, then they have to take responsibility for it. First and foremost - in front of themselves. And evidently it is impossible to avoid.

God in this situation helps you - a child making first steps. But you do make the steps yourself; steps in one or another direction, depending on your choice. And like a child who is growing up you will not stop, will you?

This means that positive and irreversible changes have already occurred with you.

I love you, humankind!



People are born for freedom and happiness. The guarantee of this is God who created the world and us in it. God is love that created and is accompanying us. Love that with some cocoon envelopes each and all of us together. But with this said we ourselves choose whether to be aware of this love or not. We choose whether to respond with love in return. Particularly happy are the families where children love their parents, are they not?


Just live 

Live peacefully and happily. Just live; knowing that you will be on time everywhere where you cannot be late. Just live; knowing that for you in the right moment the right door will open. Just live; simply, knowing that all in the end will be well, - since we all love you. Who are we? The same as you, just wearing different appearances, next to you and in a distance. United with that whole named God.


- From the books «Love and Light» and «I Did This»

and freedom will welcome you joyously
at the

​Love is the only thing that makes the most family even strangers before. 

One, who strives to see and feel the love of God, can direct their attention to something that they always had but did not notice before amidst the daily concerns. Can you not recall now some happy events from your life or a door that opened just in time when you needed it?

Through reciprocity you nurture requited love thus submerging in eternity. 

We believe religion broadens the mind and gives each of us a different perspective on life. Get out and experience the world!

When you visit a unique destination and culture, you'll become more open to various ways of life!

​​Love and happiness are free by nature. Therefore, a person living in the environment of free love and happiness is free. In turn, the world for this person who lives with love for God is free.

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